Hāwea Community Playgrounds: Introdction

My family lives in Hāwea Flat, we love it here. We have grown into the community, and with the arrival of Max in 2019, I now understand how it works in a completely new way.

A quiet discussion amongst peers in the community has lingered for some time: so much development, so few spaces for our new communities. Where can we gather to meet each other casually? Without having to invest in a cafe trip? Where can we go with our families, pets, or alone to relax at the end of the day when the evening is calm and temperature is balmy? Do we have to always travel? Should we? In early 2021, the discussion became loud and public, with the formation of the Hāwea Community Association Playground Committee, tasked with providing spaces within the Flat and Lake communities for just this.

This cause really spoke to me, and today I donate my time to the committee to aid in these developments the best way I can.

Where we are today:

  • The Playground Committee Consists of six local members from different backgrounds, with different skills and talents to lend to the task.
  • Two playgrounds are to be established, one in Brewster Reserve at the Lake, one at Long Grass Place at the Flat.
  • The Playground Committee key work is to design both playgrounds to a level ready for installation/implementation, and to raise funds to do so.
  • A community survey has been completed, with results recorded and feedback returned to the community. This feedback has formed a brief for Landscape Design to begin.
  • Donations of time have been sought from local designers and Landscape Architects. Most have been too busy to be able to give time, though thankfully one local has indicated interest, yet to be finalised. Gilchrist Design will also donate time.
  • Once briefs are finalised, the design will begin. Production of a draft Landscape Concept for QLDC and Community will be the next step in the process.
  • Fund raising is ongoing.

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