Business as Usual

Great to be tearing into work again post lockdown, though it pains me to ignore the magic weather and opportunities to get out and about, enjoying the lack of foreign tourists. From Haast to Hāwea, Wanaka, Ōhau to Christchurch, I’ve a great combination of community, commercial, private design, consenting, and rural work underway and will continue through the season. Many projects are looking towards implementation and completion next year. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from communities and clients.

With plenty on the work plate presently and school holidays in the now comprehendible future, work for new clients will be very selective.

Generally, work contact days are a flexible Monday to Thursday, 10-3.

Plenty of bookings for Max available, he’s great at following instructions (for about two minutes), and particularly if they involve relocating worms, dirt, water, spiderwebs and anything long, heavy and sharp to an inappropriate location.

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