My experience in Landscape Architecture spans over 15 years in professional practise based in Canterbury and Otago.

My education began growing up in beautiful Otematata, many years later Graduating from Lincoln Univeristy with a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture (hons).  I have previously been a New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Registered Landscape Architect.  My membership has expired due to pressures of maternity leave.

Key areas include a design base in Landscape Architecture at a broad range of scales, detail and clientel.  Strengths include team leadership, project management, landscape assessment, research and teaching.  I am experienced in the fields of educaltion, land management, urban and rural design and project management.

That’s not to forget that success on the ground is driven by developing and maintining great relationships.  I love to work with talented professionals, and those in the know to create great design and effective plans to implement your goals.

I am genuinely impressed with your professional (but entirely team and cordial) approach to this project and your consisten delivery of quality in a timely manner – great to have you on the team.  – Ian Thompson

She is an extremely talented, able and committed individual who has always came up with the goods, doing so in a way that almost without exception exceeded my expectations. – Neil Challenger


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